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What is a short course? 

A short course is training that you can do in the short-term. It's a great learning opportunity for busy professionals who want to gain skills quickly over a certain period of time - either in a span of a few weeks or months. 

Short courses may also deliver specific outcomes to certain individuals, such as receiving training on specific skill sets rather than achieving a certificate, diploma or degree qualification.

Short courses are perfect for those looking for a flexible way of learning and wanting to boost their knowledge to prepare for new and exciting career opportunities for the workforce.

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  • How long do short courses take?
    Short courses typically run for a duration of a few weeks to a couple of months. Depending on the course, you may be able to accelerate your studies and complete it ahead of time. This all comes down to the level of experience, knowledge and skills you already have.

    Upskilled has a range of short learning courses that are delivered online, with some being accredited by our education partners, like Social Media College. The short courses we offer generally run for a duration of up to 4 months, giving you enough time to receive adequate training and skills to become job-ready. 

    Upskilled has short courses online that can help you build a rewarding career for the future. Whether that's acquiring job-ready skills for the workforce or wanting to take advantage of a learning opportunity during your summer break, there are exciting specialisations you'll be able to pursue.

    These include:
    • Leadership and management
    • Project management
    • Cyber security awareness
    • Case management
    • Information technology
    • Social media marketing
  • Why study an online short course?
    A short course can give you valuable skills to prepare you for the workforce and provide you with the training needed in your industry. It's also an opportunity for you to further develop transferable skills that can help you make a seamless career move. 

    Transferable skills you may develop along the way include:
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Critical analysis 
    Whether you're a school leaver wanting to learn new skills for your first job, or an established professional looking to broaden your skill set, a short course can be a great opportunity for you to still upskill without sacrificing so much time out of your busy schedule. 

    Below are some reasons why you should consider studying an online short course with Upskilled:
    • Student support team: We have student support consultants that are available to assist should you come across any problems related to your course. They'll be ready to assist you when it comes to course access, putting you in touch with your trainer and keeping you in check with your studies.
    • Additional learning content: Our online short courses have additional learning content included. Some include exclusive video content from popular third-party sources such as LinkedIn Learning, ClickView and Pluralsight. Others have role-playing assessments that can prepare you for real-work scenarios. 
    • Receive an industry-recognised certificate of attainment: Most of our short courses offer a certificate of attainment if you successfully complete them. This is nice to have, particularly if you're wanting to get a promotion or looking to secure another role in your industry. By having this, it can be a positive step in working towards your career goals without the added pressure of committing to a longer course. 
  • Do I need a degree for a short course?
    You do not need a degree to be able to do a short course. Upskilled offers short courses that typically have little to no entry requirements, so it's not essential for you to have existing skills and knowledge when enrolling in a specific course. However, it's helpful to have an eagerness to learn, self-motivation and organisational skills to achieve successful course completion.

    The basic entry level requirements for Upskilled's short courses is to have either completed Year 10 (Certificate III level) or Year 12 (Diploma level). If you have not completed your high school studies, equivalent experience in the form of employment is also acceptable.

    Are you ready to enrol in a short course? Have a chat with one of our friendly education consultants on 1300 009 924 and find out how upskilling for the short-term can benefit you. 
  • What are the benefits of short online courses?
    There are plenty of benefits that come with undertaking short courses online. These include:
    • The opportunity to learn on your own terms. Short courses have been created to expand your skills in a quicker time frame, as opposed to doing an entire university degree. This is ideal if you already have credentials but have a strong preference in learning key skills rather than studying broader subjects that may not be applicable for a role you're planning on pursuing. 
    • An increased earning potential. If you want to move up a salary bracket or get a promotion at work, it makes sense to do some extra study to build an impressive skill set in pursuit of roles that offer high salaries. Short courses can complement your existing credentials and build on skills you already have, which can lead to expanding your career opportunities or securing that promotion at work.
    • You can build skills for a new career path. Short courses can be perfect if you're planning to make your next move in a different industry. Upskilled's short courses typically have units that are recognised in full diploma or certificate-level qualifications, so if you enjoy the introductory units, you can pursue further study and make a seamless career change. 
    The best online short courses are ones that offer flexibility and quality learning resources. At Upskilled, we do our best to ensure that you walk away with more knowledge and skills to help you feel empowered in making your next career move. 
  • How to enrol in a short course?

    To enrol in a short course, you'll need to first submit an enquiry form that provides us with your best contact details, including:

    • Your Name
    • Phone
    • Email

    You'll also need to tell us where you're currently at in your career trajectory by answering the question, What best describes you?. This helps us find out what you're hoping to achieve when you enrol in an online short course. You may be in the process of a career change, looking to expand your skill set or seeking a promotion at work. 

    Whether it's the business field you want to explore or getting the core skills needed to find career success in community services, a short course can be a valuable learning opportunity that aligns with your career goals.  

    Once you submit your course enquiry, one of our education consultants will be in touch within 48 hours to find out more about your intentions in studying an online short course. During the consultation, you'll be able to discuss payment options, course eligibility and possible outcomes you can expect to achieve if you finish your studies.

    When you're ready to enrol, your education consultant will send you an email that includes an enrolment form and this will start the process of taking the opportunity to upskill with an online short course.

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